Parking in Back Bay 2017


    Ever feel like Boston could be a little bit bigger to accommodate all of the cars that circle aimlessly for parking on a daily basis?  You are not alone.  Well, get ready for some more drama for the little guy – if you park frequently in Back Bay you will soon face some drastic changes, starting as of the New Year.  Street meters will now charge $3.75 per hour, as opposed to the $1.25 per hour they currently collect.

    While this may seem like par for the course in cities such as New York or San Francisco, visitors to Back Bay will likely find a bit of sticker shock when they open their Park Boston app.  The new Back Bay parking initiative is undoubtedly aimed to clear the streets for more tourists to access businesses like the shops on famed Newbury Street.  Will this drive up revenue for neighborhood businesses, while allowing employees of those businesses to still work comfortably?  Only time will tell.  

    With street parking now at such a premium, better get yourself a condo and resident permit quickly!  For those not currently in the position to buy a gorgeous brownstone condo with parking included, do not worry, you are in luck.  For a mere several hundred thousand dollars you can be the proud owner of a patch of concrete (or laid brick if you are really looking to splurge) where you can comfortably put your vehicle in park, and leave it there as long as you want.

    Check out this recent sale from the summer of a tandem parking spot at 76 Commonwealth Avenue, listed and sold by longstanding Back Bay agent, Paul Gleason of Fairfield Realty, for $390,000.  While the price may seem steep, you could say that the buyer snagged a good deal, as the original list price for the spot was $425,000 and other spots have sold for higher prices in recent memory.  One thing is for sure, they are not making any more land in any of the Boston proper neighborhoods.  Have a great weekend everybody!!

    Check out the original article in Boston Magazine on Paul Gleason’s tandem parking spot sale at 76 Commonwealth Avenue here

    Opening photo credit to The Boston Guardian newspaper


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